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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Milking Season Has Begun

It's that time of year... Time for my hopefully well rested arms to get back to work hand milking goats every day.

Last night we separated Molly and Abbie from their combined six babies and then milked them this morning. The babies were then reunited with their mamas and will have full access to all of the milk they want from her all day long. At night they will sleep in separate stalls in encourage the babies to start eating solid food (which they've been nibbling at for a week now already). And each morning we will strip the mothers of their night's production of milk and back with the babies they go.


I think the mamas actually like the break from the babies at night, quite honestly.

Eventually they will be fully weaned and the boys will be sold to their new homes.

And so it begins... Milking equipment and glass bottles and sanitized work areas and fresh milk.

I'm ready for yogurt and cheese and ice cream and cereal for breakfast!

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