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Installing a package of bees... the simple way!

Here you will see Cliff (aka The Boy) install a package of bees the simple way here on our farm. This isn't the ONLY way to do it, but it has worked very well for us and has become our preferred method. We find that the bees don't get nearly as stressed.

2017 Goat Babies!

Kidding season is in full swing here and if you are interested in a baby, this is where you will find the most up-to-date info aside from talking with us directly. We do not sell "bottle babies". All of our babies are raised naturally by their mothers, handled daily, and weaned around 8 weeks of age. The only exception would be situations where that is not possible due to unforeseen emergency situations. We do not sell babies to single goat homes. Goats are herd animals and need to be with at least one other goat. Buyers must already have a goat, be in the process of buying a second goat (baby or adult) or buy two of ours at once. All of our babies are disbudded and come from a CLOSED CAE NEGATIVE herd (most recent test date Jan 2017). For biosecurity reasons, we do not allow public access to our farm or animals unless you are buying a baby. We want to insure that your baby comes to you strong and healthy! PLEASE NOTE: Expected wean dates listed below are approximat

Are you kidding? Why yes, yes we are.

Rule #1 of living on a farm: Things rarely, if ever, go as planned. You would think that by now I would know this but, to be quite honest, I think there is something in my brain that just completely ignores it and goes on a coffee break. The arbitrary "plan" was that we really wouldn't expect any baby action in the goat world until Friday or Saturday, but... So my Monday morning started off like every work day morning: I'm a semi-early riser by default, I stumble down the stairs toting mini blind dog Marla in one arm and a water bottle in the other, trailed by my 100 pound white fluffy Pyrenees sidekick Casey (who would sleep until noon if left to her own devices), to greet my earlier rising husband who has been up for at least an hour. And Seife. Oh, bouncy bouncy getupinyourbusiness soap dog Seife. He's always that way too cheery one in the morning. Fast forward a few minutes and I have coffee in hand, mini dog has been walked, slippers have been traded in