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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snowy Farm



We got our first snow of the winter this week on the farm... four inches, which makes for pretty pictures, but doesn't help much when chores have to be done.


The goats and horses stayed hidden inside for the most part, except for an occasional glance outside to see if they were missing anything.  They would peek out but quickly retreat back to the shelter of their stall once they determined that Playing In Snow really isn't on their To Do List for the day.

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I can't say that I blamed them one bit. If it weren't for me having to go out in it every couple hours to check on all of the animals (including 30 baby chicks), I wouldn't have gone out there either.


I did manage to get out and take a farm tour video for our new YouTube channel.  In this you can see bits and pieces of the farm including the goats, chickens and horses.  Once the weather clears (and warms up a bit), I will make more that show aspects of our farm in more detail. If you have anything in particular you would like to see or know about, please let me know! You can email me at TheFarm@BeamansFork.com or subscribe and send me a message on our YouTube channel. By subscribing to our channel, you will be notified when our new videos are available.

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Today we are getting rained on. A cold, dripping rain that is turning all of the snow into a muddy, slushy mess. It was pretty while it lasted, but I have to admit I am more than ready right now for it to dry up and go away. I have Spring on my mind.


Pig, one of our barn cats, hasn't even noticed the winter at all I don't think. (Yes, before I go any further, his name is PIG. He is HUGE.) Pig has a massive coat of fancy long, thick, insulating fur. I've found him sleeping in the bushes, outside, in the sleet before with a layer of glistening droplets covering his black coat. He didn't even  notice it was sleeting until I woke him up and told him to go get in the barn. And even then, I only think he followed me to the barn because I am the Food Lady around here and he is a Bottomless Pit.  Oh Pig. Stop growing, please.

So the great thing about eastern North Carolina is that last weekend it was 65, and come this Monday, it will be back in the 70s. I guess I can tolerate this chilly stuff temporarily, but it is a messy, yucky, slushy, muddy world over here right now.


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