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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Egg Hatching 101: Day 11 Blanks

We are on day 11 and now is a good time to talk about blanks.

Blank eggs... what are they? These eggs aren't developing, were probably never fertilized, and need to be removed from the incubator. If you are candling eggs that you can see light through and you aren't seeing any development, it's a good time to think about removing them. Eggs that are too dark to candle properly (such as Marans eggs that are dark chocolate brown), I typically leave in and give the benefit of the doubt.

The above photo shows a good example of a blank egg on day 11. At this point, you should have a noticeable dark blob that probably reacts to the light by moving around.

Today, we're on Day 11:

  • Padding on feet is starting to form

  • Feathers are beginning to form on the back and tail

  • Beak continues to harden

  • Comb continues to develope

  • Embryo starts drawing calcium from eggshell to support growing bones.

This post is part of a series about hatching eggs on The Farm at Beaman’s Fork blog.
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