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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Highs and Evening Skies






As is the norm here to not have "normal temps" to consistently rely on during the winter, we are once again coming off of 60 to near 70 degree days and expecting a high tonight of 18. We will be bringing in extra wood for the stove and likely utilizing it's heat to make a hearty warm stew and fresh bread for the next couple of evenings.

Other cold temp tasks on the agenda: extra corn thrown out for the chickens and ducks (it helps them generate heat internally), move the horses into the barn at night, extra hay for the horses and goats, and precautions to prevent frozen water pipes.

No matter the weather, the sunsets we have had for the last few nights have been spectacular. I always like the contrast of the fiery skies with the bare black tree shadows of winter.

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