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In Your Business: Behind The Curtain

Hi. I’m Krisann, and I’m a soap maker. 

I have introduced myself this way thousands of times in the seven years I have been a farmers market vendor. It is likely how I met many of you. 

Since quitting my (well over) full time emergency room job in 2012, taking a massive leap of faith, and hitting the ground running to figure out how to make my soap hobby into a profitable full-time business, I have learned that making soap is only a fraction of what I do to survive in the competitive retail arena. It has been a whirlwind of not only pulling together bits of experience and drive from previous random jobs, but immersing myself into learning the fascinating, secretive world of small business. 

It hasn’t been easy. In fact, to be quite honest, searching and asking for reliable advice from other small businesses at times feels like crossing a personal line in the sand; very few successful owners are willing to share what they have learned and figured out along the way. I think that this will begin to change in the years to come as startups and small businesses are on the brink of taking the world by storm… but at the moment, to be successful, it still seems like an exclusive club that you have to buy your way into.

The moment I took on the risk of going full speed ahead to create a small business, I became quite passionate about the art and community that revolves around it, yet discouraged many times by feeling I was overstepping precious boundaries by asking for advice. My hope for the future is that small businesses default to banding together instead of seeing each other as competition. We are together in a growing world of entrepreneurship and I want to pay forward the encouragement from those who opened up and willingly helped me on my journey.

I don’t want the sharing of my personal successes to come across as arrogant. Actually, starting and running a small business has been quite a humbling experience.

In fact, if you choose to follow my blog, you will see that my successes came from a massive number of downfalls, struggles and failures. I know that sharing personal information from the backside of a growing business can be viewed somewhat as taboo and if I have one goal with the direction of my blog, it is to plant a seed to hopefully change that. 

So if you’re willing to tolerate my rambling, I want to share with you how I went from virtually unemployed to a business that has continued to grow past my career expectations each year. I am putting it all out on the table: How I started, what I have learned behind the scenes, my failures, my goldmines, what I would have done different, lessons from hindsight, my go-to resources, and how I have continued to grow by making choices that involve no debt. 

Whether you have a distant dream of creating your own business or you have a side-gig hobby that you want to expand (or just interested in what the world of small business is like), I hope I can help close the gap between exclusiveness and embracing this growing entrepreneurial world that is taking over. I honestly feel there are no competitors, only networking opportunities. It just depends on how you look at it. 

I’m writing the blog version of a story I wish I could have read when I stepped into this world.

So let me reintroduce myself.

My name is Krisann. I’m a small business owner. A career learner. Obsessive creative. An unlikely entrepreneur who started off bringing my background hobby to the table and turning it into a business that has financially surpassed any job I’ve ever had. 

And I’m here to tell you how I did it.


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