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Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Wrap Up on The Farm

And with the blink of an eye, it seems, the holiday season is coming to an end! In just a couple days we will be ringing in the New Year, but before we get there, I wanted to share a little bit of our Christmas on The Farm.

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Our Christmas tree (or should I say "trees") was a bit nontraditional this year but may very well become a new tradition for our farm. Instead of buying a real Christmas tree that we would later toss (or reuse, as The Boy likes to make things with the dried tree), we decided to buy three bushes that we would then plant afterward. We ended up with two Sky Pencil bushes and one Yuletide (red) Camellia. We enjoyed them in the living room in front of a sunny window decorated with lights for two weeks and then yesterday (Sunday Dec 28) we gifted them to the flower beds in front of the house that we stripped out earlier this year.

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Just as we were winding down from the hectic holiday shopping season at the market (which was fantastic -- so much support for local businesses!), we were looking forward to some much needed down time when Mother Nature decided to toss us a curve ball on Christmas Eve. Torrential downpours that flooded our pastures and barn.

The rain came so fast and in such soaking quantities that there was no where for it to go in that short of a time. Luckily it was in the mid 60s because the barn had a stream rushing through it and the horses were kicked out. The photo of the boots in water is me standing in the barn. The aiseway shows the rubber mats in the center actually floating... yes, floating. We tried to sweep as much water out as we could but there wasn't much we could do until the rain stopped and the flooding could move on by itself.

The goat stall was the only stall that didn't flood since it is built up higher on the other side of the aiseway.

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Two days later, and after a lot of sweeping and trenching and fans, the barn was much drier. The pastures were clear. The goats got to go back outside to play.

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Snow and Pebbles found dry ground and enjoyed a snooze. Or well, Snow did. Pebbles wanted to enjoy some snacks and therefore stayed in my face.

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There was lots of yummy food, which somehow we missed taking photos of for the most part. So you'll just have to trust me. Christmas morning was celebrated with an egg casserole, chocolate dipped strawberries and mimosas while we cooked a Christmas dinner stew all day long. For the next several days, with beautiful 65-70 degree weather, we enjoyed fresh bread sandwiches and veggie picnics outside between projects.

We took advantage of the t-shirt weather and conquered some farm tasks... fence work, yard work, prepping veggie gardens for spring, cleaning the chicken house, stripping stalls, putting in new hay feeders, picking up roadside trash, hauling away stuff, and clearing brush. Productive holiday vacation? Yes!

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It wasn't all work, though. There was plenty of resting and quiet time, which was just as important.

And that's a wrap!

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