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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Letters From The Farm: Fall Chores

Dear World,

We are a week into November and we woke up to a warm, muggy morning: Sixty-five degrees and as humid as a June. Three days ago we had our first frost of the year, and now I’m second guessing the winter clothes I have been pulling out of storage bins this week. The weatherman says “seasonably cooler weather” will return for the weekend, whatever that means.

The goats are hopefully bred now for spring babies. We are likely to buy a buckling this spring as our first herdshire, so we plan to work on building a new goat pen and shelter just for him this winter.  At the moment, we are still milking one doe but will probably stop in a few weeks, bringing the season to an end. We’ve been storing milk in the freezer for winter use and continued soap making to last through to spring.

Dear World, the leaves are changing and falling and crunching under my feet. We have firewood chopped and stacked and we’re hunting for more. Winter is coming. We built a new feeder for the chickens which makes that chore so much easier before the cold sets in. We can now dump 100 lbs for them at a time, and we can fill it less often.

It’s time to evaluate the gardens, fix what needs to be fixed, and start preparing them for the spring.  We are adding new compost to them now so that they will be ready for planting.  Then this winter we will sit by the fire and pick through seed catalogs. And eat soup.

Dear World, life is good here.  I hope it is where you are as well. If you have chance, I would love to hear about it.



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