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Friday, January 4, 2013

Knowing When To Quit

After enjoying some much needed down time for a few days after Christmas, this week I have been back in soap making mode in attempt to restock my curing racks that were depleted during the holiday gift buying frenzy. I typically make soap four mornings a week (although sometimes five if needed), use the afternoons for busy paperwork, site updates, online store organizing, equipment maintenance, shipping orders, soap cutting & boxing, etc.

Fridays are set aside for last minute checks off my to-do list for the week (which nine times out of ten involves labeling 98428763131209741 boxes of soap since I tend to procrastinate on this task) in preparation for heading to the farmer's market in the morning. One issue I have had since August when I started selling at the market is that Friday evenings and Saturday mornings tend to be very hectic as all of the last minute things pile up in front of me. My immediate goal for 2013 is to not let this happen anymore. From now on, if it isn't done by 5pm on Friday and packed in the car, it isn't going to the market on Saturday.

This isn't going to be an easy rule to follow since I tend to be one of those "just one more thing..." kind of people.


  1. You had me scared--I didn't know what you were "quitting"! But quitting the last minute rush is perfectly acceptable :-)

    1. We're not going anywhere!! But the last minute craziness is :)


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