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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cold Snap Sunday

After a good week or two of 70-80 degree weather to start off the New Year, we don't know what to do with ourselves with a sudden freeze and everything being covered in a sheet of ice. Just days ago it seemed we were working out in the yard in t-shirts and sweating, but now I'm ice skating my way through the back yard to the barn to feed the horses in the morning and trying to keep unfrozen water available for the chickens throughout the day.

The only ones around here that don't seem put upon by cold are our two Indian Runner ducks, Cami & Sandy, who spent a day foraging around in the sleet while the entire flock of chickens hid under the henhouse.

So far this "winter" (and I say that lightly because even by eastern NC standards, it has been pretty mild again this year) we have been running the woodstove in the evenings and through the night, building it back up in the morning, and then I let it fizzle out during the day while I'm working on soap. In fact, during the last couple of weeks we have hardly even used it because it's been in the upper 70s. But during the last three or four days it has been running around the clock, 24/7, as temps struggle to get above freezing even at the warmest part of the afternoon. The photo above is of The Boy conked out in the chair beside the woodstove after coming down in the wee morning hours to get it going again.

Keeping the woodstove going all night and day does take a little planning and attention, but it makes for a great hot stove that cooks a great meal. We've been enjoying hot chili, thick barley stew, French toast, eggs, hot tea, cheese toast and more.

I've been spending my weekdays working hard to replenish all of the soap stock that we sold during the holidays. Not an easy task when you have to take into consideration all of the cure time, but it's slowly building itself back up. To make myself feel better about the cold snap, I released one of my Spring 2013 scents early... Cucumber Melon Shaving Soap... and it was quite a hit yesterday during its debut at the farmer's market. You can find it online here.

The cold snap might have us huddled indoors a little more right now, but we're still staying busy. We have a few new baby ducklings expected to arrive this week, a big shipment of chicks next week, our seeds for our 2013 gardens and we're almost done building Fort Knox for the arrival of dairy goats in the next month or two.

We won't be stuck indoors long, though. Forecast has up back into the 70s by mid-week. Gatta love eastern NC winters.

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