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Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter whirlwind

It has been a very busy month here on The Farm, mostly because we didn't know what to expect going into our first holiday shopping season as a home based business, but we can't complain. We wrapped up our holiday sales a couple days before Christmas and now I am using these last few days of 2012 to regroup, reorganize, and plan out our upcoming year.

Our Christmas was very quiet and simple... just what we needed. For the first time in the eight years we have lived her, we didn't have the time (or left over energy) to decorate the front of the house with spotlights and a Christmas tree on the top balcony, but we did at least hang a couple wreaths. We had just enough sprinkling of holiday decor inside the house, mainly concentrated in the room where the woodstove now resides, which turned out pretty.

As with our growing tradition, The Boy cooked us a nice breakfast of sourdough pancakes, toasted pecans, fresh fruit and some awesome birch syrup that my sister Bonnie gave us the weekend before from Alaska (where she lives part of the year for work).

It was wonderful. And of course a nice Mimosa (or two) is always welcomed on a festive day!

And now it's time for working out our 2013 plans... the gardens, house projects, farm additions, and business details. We hope all of you found time to relax during the holidays!

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