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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Egg Hatching 101: Day 13

I mentioned a while back in this series that we use a scrap of t-shirt fabric to help wick water up from the wells (increasing surface area of the water) to increase humidity as shown above. Well we are well past the halfway point of our 21-day incubation, and from this point on, you may or may not need the extra humidity assistance to keep the levels stable. The chicks in the eggs start putting off their own heat and humidity as they get further along in their developing, so keep an eye on the levels in your incubator and make changes as needed.

We believe we have one quitter egg still, an Ameraucana. We're still watching it and may remove it from tonight, leaving us with 10 eggs. These things are normal and you should expect to pull some eggs due to being unfertilized (ie "blanks") or a cease of development (ie "quitters"). The source of your eggs can have a lot to do with it, and since our eggs were shipped to us, it's definitely not unusual to lose a few before they hatch... so don't worry over it too much and think you've done something wrong.

On Day 13:

  • Wing feathers are developing
  • Collar bones begin to fuse to the "wishbone"

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