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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Silkie Love


While not practical for egg laying... or for doing much of any kind of "normal chicken stuff"... I have to say I love my Silkies. We raised them as pets somewhat as a distraction to help me let our big flock not be treated as pets, which to some respect I feel makes them better equipped to stronger fend-for-themselves free rangers.

That doesn't mean the big flock hasn't been raised with hands-on interaction. They are very friendly and for the most part I can go out at any time and catch (almost) any bird if I were to need to (including either of our two roosters in that flock). 

We raised three Silkies from day-old chicks this year and of course, all three ended up being roosters. One of the three has proven since day one to be way more social with us than the other two (Party, the partridge colored one), so we've decided to keep him and put the other two up for sale

I was very lucky to track down a breeder last week who had some young pullets that were close in age and size to the roo we are keeping, so now Party has two new lovely lady companions. I've named the white one Daisy and I'm still trying to figure out a name for the black one.

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