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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tomato Season!

Every season has its garden highlights, but I have to admit we wait all year for our fresh tomatoes. In recent years we have even stopped buying tomatoes off-season from the grocery stores because they never compare to pulling them right off the vine in the backyard.

We planted several kinds this year:

  • Amelia: A big slicing tomato. These were the first to produce this season.
  • Homestead: A vigorous slicing tomato. Comparing the two, I think the Homestead is slightly sweeter than the Amelia. 
  • Roma: We have these for canning. They are reliable and heavy producers, and also great fresh. 
  • Cherry & Grape: One plant of each is plenty for us. We eat fresh what we want and freeze the extras whole for use this winter in soups, stews, chili, etc.

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