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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mowing along

We finally broke down and bought a "new" (used) lawn tractor.

Ten years ago we purchased a brand new Murray riding lawn mower and during that time, we've probably spent more time repairing it than we have using it. Maybe we got a dud, I don't know, but when we had to replace a major belt on it after the first month, we should have taken that as a sign.

Since then it has been one thing after another with that mower. Belts break, we had to install a gas cut off switch to keep the gas & oil from mixing, it has no brakes (which makes things exciting), mufflers randomly fall off and The Boy had to disable the mechanism that turns moving things off when you get out of the seat (also exciting). I'm sure people think we're lazy and neglect our grass mowing, but the truth is that we can only mow it when the *&^$%^@ lawn mower decides it's going to work.

So this week we upgraded, finally, to a much larger and hopefully more reliable Craftsman lawn tractor.

Fingers crossed that this spends a little more time mowing than it does on jacks being worked on.

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