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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beehive Inspection: Problems in hive #2

The Boy and one of his beekeeping friends did an inspection on Saturday to compare the progress of our two three week old beehives. One of our hives looked excellent. The other one, not to much. In hive #2, the queen is laying in an irregular pattern and the worker bees are creating what appears to be larger supersedure cells... meaning they are preparing to replace an inadequate queen.

A frame from hive #2. Note the irregular laying pattern, which signifies an inadequate queen. The worker bees know this and are preparing to create a new queen.
Our choices right now are to allow the colony to create and raise their own new queen OR we can buy a new queen and introduce her to the hive after killing off the existing one. We are opting to replace the queen ourselves to avoid the added stress and hive delay that will happen if we allow the bees to create their own right now.

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