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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bee Classes

On Saturday, we attended an annual regional beekeeper's free educational event in Maysville NC. The classes were very interesting and full of valuable information, and it was nice to meet a few new faces in the local bee world. 

Above, Rick Coor of Goldsboro NC taught a class on raising queens. While most people opt to just buy their queens (from him or other sources), he thoroughly explained the process he goes through to raise them on a professional level.

Kenny Novey of Beaufort NC demonstrated how to use the top bar hives that he designs, builds and sells. The one he had on display was made of cypress and featured an observation window. The Boy really liked these hives and may look into getting one in the future.

Jeff Morton of the Onslow County Cooperative Extension Office (Jacksonville NC) taught a class about local plants that bees collect from. He had tons of plant samples that he identified and explained. 

We unfortunately couldn't stay for the afternoon portion, where classes included Hive Diseases, Feeders, Honey Extracting and Candle making.  

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