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Monday, April 16, 2012

New Additions: Silkies

Yesterday I finally added three "pet" breed chickens to our farm... Silkies! Even at only a few days old, you can already tell this breed is extremely friendly. They will literally hop right into your hand and my goodness do they crave attention. We got three different colors: Blue, Splash and Partridge. We've named them (appropriately) Blue, Splash, and Party (for Partridge). I picked unisex names because it will be quite a while before we know if they are girls or boys, and they are just too darn cute to be nameless.

Silkies are an ornamental breed known for their extremely friendly nature. They are also known for their incredibly soft and fluffy feathering (which is more like fur than it is feathers), blue-black skin and five toes. Broodiness is a common trait in Silkies, which may help us in the future if we want to let a hen raise chicks instead of us incubating them. Though we have a big flock of free ranging chickens, I have a feeling these will be hanging out more in the backyard keeping me company while we work on various projects...

These chicks came from Hood Farms in Goldsboro, NC. They sell several nice breeds of chickens (both chicks and hatching eggs) and goats. Check out their website here.

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