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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Extra Roosters

Yesterday we sold our two 11 week old White Leghorn roosters that we hatched out Jan 20. We decided to put them up for grabs because even though we plan to use our surplus roos this year as meat birds, this particular breed is a laying breed and won't be cost efficient feed-wise to raise as a meat bird. Our other birds are dual purpose breeds and much heftier so they will work out great as meat birds.

Since it was raining pretty heavily outside, I brought them in the house and kept them dry in one of our two brooders until the new owner could pick them up. We laughed at how big they looked in the tank... just a few short weeks ago, they were living in these tanks with their six other hatch mates.

The 13 chicks we hatched out last weekend (in the larger of the two brooder tanks shown in top photo) looked so tiny in comparison, and kept their distance by plastering themselves to the far end of their brooder until the "big boys" were gone.


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