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Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY: Baby Chick Feeders

As a follow up to the DIY: Chicken Feeder post we did nearly two years ago, here is the same method we use for feeding baby chicks using things that you are probably discarding in your recycle bin. The concept is the same as the adult bird feeder, only on a smaller scale. You need a round container with a lid, a pan with a lip that is wider than the bottom of the container, a knife and some hefty glue suitable for plastic.

Grabbed from our recycle bin: a round plastic container with a lid (this one held almonds from Target) and a pan with a good size lip on it (this is the bottom half of a plastic To-Go container someone left at our house recently). This will be assembled using Gorilla Glue or any other strong glue you have that is suitable for plastics.

Photo to show size comparison of container and pan. 
You want your pan part to be a few inches wider than your container, but preferably not big enough for a chick to stand in. You also want a lip on the pan that won't allow the chicks to "scratch" at the feed. If you can't find some kind of pan type item, look for a container you can cut down to size to make a pan. Keep an eye on your trash and recycle bins for things like this! We've used large yogurt containers, random lids, small buckets... 

Wash and dry your items. You're then going to need to carefully cut holes in the bottom edge of your container. I usually make four good size holes evenly spaced around the bottom edge. You want the feed to flow out of the holes and into the pan area freely.

Carefully cut several holes on the bottom edge of your container that will allow the feed to freely fall into the pan.
Once your holes are cut, apply your glue to the bottom of the container and center it into the bottom of your pan. At this point I usually weight it down with something heavy like a big can of rice or dry beans for several hours.

Glue together and put a weight on top of it until it dries.
And there you go!! A pretty indestructible, easy to make, FREE chick feeder using materials you probably already have. After making one or two of these, you'll quickly figure out what containers and pan type items work best for you. You'll never buy chick feeders again... and guess what? You can toss the whole thing in the recycle bin if you don't need it anymore.


  1. I am so making this!! The one I bought for my chicks is too big and all they do is stand on top of it and poop in their food. I steal all the greatest ideas from you!!

    1. We have the round version of the one you have (the long skinny kind) and its the same problem. I use it for the first day or two while they are figuring out the brooder but as soon possible I switch them over to a handmade one. Much less waste and cleaning! :)


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