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Monday, April 30, 2012

Chicken Math... of sorts

This week we unexpectedly expanded our flock to help out three different friends who needed new homes for their chickens for various reasons. The first one to move in is a 2 year old Cuckoo Marans named Pepper. She was tormenting the bantams in her pen so she needed a home with birds more her size.

Two days later, we adopted two Orpingtons named Lucy and Cherry (above) from one coworker and an Ameraucana named Nugget (below) from another coworker.

Even though it was complete coincidence that the three families contacted us at the same time, it worked out quite well. Introducing one lone bird to an existing flock can be tricky, but adding several at once can lessen the bullying that happens when the pecking order is reestablished... now the flock has new several birds to figure out instead of targeting all of that onto one bird.

We are also taking advantage of this unexpected opportunity to add in multiple birds at once by sneaking in our 14-week old Brahma rooster we've been hoping to use as a second flock protector if we can get our main rooster to except him into the flock (which can be very tricky). Brahmas are big birds and at only 14 weeks, he is every bit as big as most of our hens right now. So far so good, but we'll be keeping our eye on him constantly to make sure.

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