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Monday, March 12, 2012

Putting Chickens To Work

Years ago The Boy made a couple sets of portable hinged privacy screens as a temporary solution to shield the pool we had at our old house from the road. When we moved to this house eight years ago, the screens were put away in one of our pack houses until we could figure out what to use them for next.

After we got chickens, we repurposed the screened panels into portable chicken pens that fit over top of our raised garden beds by adding screened ends and a door. With this setup, we can put a couple chickens in the garden pen and let them scratch/till it up, peck out all the bugs and weeds, and add their own fertilizer to the mix. Within a few hours, they've made good use of their time and the garden bed is ready to be planted.

The garden pen is light enough that one person can easily move it around to each bed. We've also frequently used this pen in the yard to let young chicks play in the grass but still be protected from cats and the rest of the free ranging flock. When it's not in use, it can be stood on end and put away under the shelter.

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