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Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY: Indestructible "Free" Hay Feeders

Many years ago, when The Boy was working for a home builder, he came across a leftover section of huge drainage tile that was being scrapped, probably about 4 1/2 feet in diameter. He brought it home and we cut it into two pieces, each standing a good two feet when laid on its side.

We use these as indestructible, completely safe hay feeders in the pastures for our horses and they work GREAT. No more stomping on hay and wasting it! These "hay feeders" are heavy enough that they don't move around when they are laid down, but light enough that you can stand them up and very easily roll them wherever you want them. There is nothing that can rust, break, or injure a horse on these since they are made completely of solid heavy duty smooth plastic. And bonus... since the "floor" of these feeders is just the ground, they don't retain any water that ruins hay and attracts mosquitoes.

Over the years, I have consistently liked these free, repurposed drainage tiles as hay feeders far more than any expensive hay feeding contraption I have seen sold in catalogs and feed stores. If you ever see any being scrapped at housing development sites, they are worth inquiring about.

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