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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goodbye, Azaleas

We recently chain sawed down the two huge (and old) Azalea bushes that flanked our front porch. I have never been a fan of Azaleas... they are pretty when they are in bloom for a week or two, but then they quickly shed their flowers and look like scraggly weedy bushes for the rest of the year. I know they are very traditional and grow very well here, but these old untamed shrubs have been an eyesore for me ever since we moved here nearly eight years ago.

However sawing them down was neither my doing or done to please me... it was necessary to make room for the roofers coming in a week or so. They are going to have to bring in a lift to replace the standing seam metal roof on our house (damaged during Hurricane Irene in August) and the old Azaleas were going to pose a problem.

So down they went. The roots are still intact, so I have no doubt they will try to resurface in the future. I've always heard that Azaleas are pretty hardy and unless you remove the roots, they will continue to sprout. If they do, maybe we can tame them a little better so they don't look so bad.

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