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Monday, March 19, 2012

Garden Expansion


This past weekend, a neighbor came over with his tractor to help us till up our new garden area. It is a 30' x 60' area in one of our pastures right next to our existing gardens. We seem to expand our gardens every year or so, but they have still been contained within our backyard up until now. This new major addition will allow us to move some of our lower maintenance vegetable plants out of the backyard (and grow them in larger quantities) and reserve the space immediately out our back door for crops that need a lot more attention. 

We are now working on fencing the area in so that the horses and chickens can not get in it. Not only will this include our expanded garden area, but it will also serve as our new bee yard.

The two new hives will be sit on an 8' x 12' area of patio pavers, which we will put right in front of the two panels of privacy fencing (shown above). The fence panels will serve as protection from the north wind as well as provide them with some shading in the afternoons. The area is big enough for our expected expansion to four hives in the next year or so.


  1. Hello, It appears that the easy part is done. Know on to the fun part!

  2. Yes... lots of work to be done :)


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