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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nothing wasted

Last August, Hurricane Irene left us with a lot of wet grass hay that was no longer safe to feed our horses. We've been repurposing it as garden mulch and henhouse/nest box bedding, but we still have a lot left to go through.

Today I took a couple bales and spread them around in the chicken pen. The chickens will no doubt love it while they work their chicken magic and help speed up the decomposition process. As soon as it is broken down pretty well in a month or two, we can take it out and use it in the gardens as a powerful soil amendment and then re-bed the pen with more hay.

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  1. You gotta love "chicken magic"!!

  2. You're lucky to have it. There is no hay to be found here where I am. All of it was sent west to help the ranchers with the drought.

    1. We are very lucky. We have several hay growers here in town, one is less than a mile from us. Being on the coast limits the types of hay that can be grown here though... pretty much all we have local is Coastal Bermuda Grass and Lespedeza. We use a combination of the two for the horses.

  3. oh does that ever look like fun! for you to watch and them to play!

  4. Hopped in of Barn Hop! Really enjoy your post. You and your friends are invited to the give away on my blog.



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