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Monday, February 20, 2012

Morning Stroll

We open the henhouse every morning around 7am to let the flock out into their pen. To discourage laying eggs all over the farm, we usually keep the pen locked until about noon and then let the flock free range after that since the majority of them will have laid by then. (We have a few late layers but for the most part they are good at going back to the henhouse when they need to lay).

Everyday without fail, two of our hens fly over the fence and go for a quiet morning stroll around the farm. Both are Ameraucana pullets, named Esmay and Pants (that name compliments of one of our 4 yr old nephews) and they'll fly back over the fence into the pen if they need to lay an egg.

The rest of the flock stays put in the pen and waits to be let out at noon, including our BCM Rooster Jacques, who doesn't like when the two escape artists get too far out of his sight.

Pants & Esmay on their morning stroll


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