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Saturday, January 21, 2012

LIVE Chicks hatching

This is live video of our incubator. Hatch day is today (Jan 21) so keep checking in to see if we've got any hatching! We'll try to keep the camera positioned on any current activity.

DIRECT LINK TO VIDEO: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/chicken-cam-peep-show

7am: Black Copper Marans egg pipped sometime during the night(cracked). Its the dark chocolate brown egg right in front. You can see the white hole on top. We are hearing occasional chirping and can see its beak moving sometimes.

8am: Ameraucana egg pipped (blue egg located diagonally behind the chocolate brown egg. Hasn't broken all the way through but we can see the crack.

2:15pm: Egg #1 (BCM chocolate brown egg from above) is zipping! Chick is peeping regularly. Zoomed video in  on this egg. No further development on other eggs.

3:17pm: Egg #1 (BCM) HATCHED!! (black with white/yellow under neck and on wing tips. Feathered legs)  Also White Legorn (1 of 3) egg has pipped.

5:06pm: Another White Leghorn (2 of 3) has pipped.

6:45pm: Light Brahma #1 has pipped.

7:30pm: Marans egg #2 has pipped.

12:30am: AMERAUCANA #1 HATCHED! (appears to be reddish-gray in color, yellow beak) Some umbilical bleeding noticed but seems to be drying. Humidity in incubator took a nose dive from 68% to 54% within last hour. Used a straw and syringe through vent to carefully add water to wells under egg tray. Humidity back up to 70% by 1:15am.

2:50am: WHITE LEGHORN #1 HATCHED!! (solid yellow) Humidity at 74% with vent 3/4 open. Two other hatched chicks doing well and very active.

6:50am: MARANS #2 HATCHED!! (Black & yellow) Light Brahma #1 is zipping. Marans #3 pipped. Humidity still at 74%.

7:20am: LIGHT BRAHMA HATCHED! (big solid yellow, feathered legs)

9:15am: White Leghorn #2 trying to zip/hatch. White Leghorn #3 has pipped.

9:40am: WHITE LEGORN #3 HATCHED! (solid yellow) White Leghorn #2 has full zip and should match any moment.

10:13am: WHITE LEGHORN #2 HATCHED! (solid yellow) Humidity is at 76% with vent wide open.

3:20pm: MARANS #3 HATCHED!

7:30pm update: All 8 chicks are still in incubator and doing great. Nine eggs remain, as of right now we can not see any evidence of pipping, cracking, or rocking. We will leave chicks and eggs in incubator through the night and monitor them for the next 12 hours. If no changes occur in the remaining eggs, we will then start moving the chicks to the brooder. Video will remain live through the night.

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