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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Egg Candling Day 7

Here is a short video of us candling a White Leghorn chicken egg on day 7 of incubation. If you look near the upper left side of the egg you will eventually see a dark area moving around.

We currently have 21 eggs in the incubator. We will give them several more days before we start pulling out obvious non-developing eggs. Some of the eggs are too dark colored for us to candle correctly right now, which means we have several eggs in the incubator that we can't see through to find movement. We're researching the best ways to candle dark eggs but we may have to just wait out the 21 days on a few to see. We plan to candle again around day 10 to continue monitoring development.

Our the breakdown of our Day 7 candling results are:

Marans: (very dark brown eggs; 5 picked up from a local breeder, 1 is from our hen) All 6 eggs are too dark for us to candle correctly with our current method. We think we saw movement in two but again, too dark to be sure.

Light Brahmas: (Pale brown eggs; all picked up from a local breeder): Of the 5 eggs, we saw positive movement in 2. There is veining in a couple more so we'll continue to watch for movement in those. Some of these eggs are speckled which makes candling a little more tricky.

Ameraucanas: (Blue eggs; all picked up from a local breeder) Of the 6 eggs, one or two are too dark for us to candle with our current method. We found positive movement in 3 of the ones we could candle.

White Legorns: (White eggs; Shipped to us from a breeder) Of the 4 eggs, we found positive movement in 3. We are very excited about this because these particular eggs were shipped to us, and the stress from shipping usually lowers the hatch rate quite significantly in a lot of cases. Add to that the fact that of the 7 eggs that the breeder shipped us, three were broken in transit, so we know the remaining four had gotten jostled around (and covered in egg goo). We are pleasantly surprised to find movement in these.

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