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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Painting and eating eggs

Since we always have fresh eggs in the house, The Boy has perfected the omelet. Stuffed with fresh organic spinach from the gardens, sauted onions, mushrooms (when we have them) and some seriously sharp cheddar... oh my. It's a work of art invited to breakfast. Or brunch. Or dinner.

We are still mulling over increasing tough decisions for our spring chick orders. We hope to add more dark brown egg layers to the flock and so we are leaning toward a shipment of really nice wheaten marans that we will be able to breed in the future for our own use. For higher egg production, we may also add in one or two chicks of a different breed (maybe a leghorn or two? We're undecided.).

As for the hand painted eggs I have been working on, well, at the moment I am completely sold out! I will be spending today working on filling a custom order, and hopefully soon after I will be able to start getting more up on our online store for grabs. Until then, we still have all natural laundry soap (in both citrus and lavender scents) and addictive made to order dry roasted granola, so check them out.

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