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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chicken chatter

It’s that time of year when the hens are starting to slow a little in their laying (and we have a couple molting right now) and we’re trying to finalize our decision for next year’s chicks. In years past we’ve just purchased chicks (mostly from the feed store, but we bought our Black Copper Marans from a breeder). This upcoming year we hope to add more quality into our flock for future breeding purposes down the road. We enjoy having several egg colors in our cartons so we may expand on our Marans with more Black Coppers or possibly some Wheatens purchased directly from a very reputable Marans breeder… both lay very pretty chocolate brown eggs.

Pictured here is one of our Ameraucana pullets (named Flip Flop) from this past Spring. She just started laying pretty green eggs a couple months ago. Even though she has become a great layer already, she won’t be bred because she has curled toes. Fortunately they are not bad enough to keep her from roosting and she gets around fine. We have three other Ameraucanas from this year, one of which unfortunately does not have the blue gene and lays pink eggs instead... of course she is our best looking and semi broody lady (already) who we'd love to breed otherwise. Oh well.

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