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Thursday, October 27, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Not very well when your chickens get access to it and dig up most of your sprouting broccoli and cabbage that you planted for the fall. We have a few survivors but not many. The chickens however completely left alone the radishes we planted (too spicey maybe?) And we are harvesting them left and right these days.
Since we lost our entire potato crop we planted in the spring to a disease, we are experimenting with a fall crop. The plants look wonderful so I'm curious to see what's under the soil. If it works out, we will definitely do this again. Unlike every one of our spring/summer beds of parties in the past, we haven't had to deal with one potato beetle at all this time.


  1. My chickens did the same to me last autumn. So we had no winter crop as it was too late to put anther in.
    I hope you have some left.

  2. Hi Angela! We have some struggling cabbage and broccoli out there, hopefully it will make it :)


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