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Monday, May 23, 2011

You can lead a horse to water

Pebbles, my oldest and retired horse, has a long history of mild colic. I knew this morning when I went outside to feed that we might have an episode today -- My first clue was that she had no interest in breakfast. (And if you know horses, you know that's never a good sign.) By lunchtime she still hadn't improved... Hadn't gotten worse either (or I would have called the vet by that point). I finally did call the vet to ask about our expired banamine, which is what you normally give for colic, to see if it was safe to still use or if I needed to come get a new dose. I learned something.... You shouldn't give expired banamine via muscle injection but you can give it orally (roughly the same dosage), it just takes about an hour to start working. So that's what we did, and now we're walking in circles until she starts feeling better. I've given her several 60cc syringes full of diluted apple juice to help keep her hydrated and her guts moving, but I wish she'd just drink from the trough. Oh well, you know how the saying goes...

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