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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain dance, anyone?

Everything here is dry... We need rain! Not only have we been having to water the gardens regularly for a couple months now, but the ground is so dry that our electric pasture fencing is not working at full capacity. The mini donkey knows now that he can get from one pasture to the next in several spots by crouching under the wire without getting shocked because the dirt underneath is too dry to ground him.

It has meant extra work, but our gardens are looking good and it shouldn't be long before we start harvesting some spring veggies.

We finally sold off the accidental rooster from the first batch of Ameracaunas we purchased earlier this year. (One of the two we now have left, named Denim, is pictured above on The Boy's shoulder from earlier today) And with that came a second interested taker who is now waiting to see if we have a roo in the second batch of chicks we bought (who are now 3-ish weeks old). I swear I heard someone try to crow in the brooder last week, now we're just trying to figure out exactly who it is.

We've also put one of the horses up for sale. More info on that later. I've finally convinced myself that I need to scale down in the horse world, so if you know of anyone looking for a really nice halter & reining horse, send'em my way.... ;-)

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