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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Off to see the "chicken vet"

I made an appointment and took one of our 16 week old Black Copper Marans, Giselle, to the only vet around who sees chickens. Giselle developed a growth on her beak a while back and even after the vet visit, it is still a mystery as to what it is. So far it isn't causing any breathing or eating problems. Vet gave us a $150-180 quote to have it removed if we want, but recommended we watch it and maybe make the decision as to whether or not to operate if it starts causing problems. It is slowly getting bigger but so far she's doing absolutely fine. While we make great efforts to take proper care of all the animals on the farm, we still have to be realistic. How much money do you spend trying to "fix" a chicken?

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