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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dried out

It's been months since we've gotten a decent rain. It gets forecasted but never shows up. I remember the weatherman explaining droughts on the news a couple years ago when then this happened. He said that when the ground gets very dry (like it is now) that it actually makes it harder for it to rain. Rain clouds will come over and try to rain but because of the dryness, the rain evaporates before it reaches the ground. It takes a good storm to really break the cycle.
We're continuing to water the gardens as much as we can but there's not a whole lot we can do with the pastures, which have stopped growing for the time being. To lessen the load on them, I'm trying to limit the horses' access to them. We've gone back to feeding hay (which we normally only do in the winter here) so that they have something to munch on between meals.

1 comment:

  1. Hoping it rains for you soon! We just planted the garden this week because we had gotten so much rain in the month of May. So my garden was planted a couple of weeks late. Oh well! I really hope you get some relief!

    Best wishes,
    Courtney @ www.clutehomestead.blogspot.com


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