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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Storm aftermath

We spent yesterday morning putting away anything that could be blown around in preparation for an incoming storm that would be toting along 60 mph winds, rain, hail and lightening. By noon, the winds had started to roll in and the skies darkened. I brought the horses in around 4pm and made sure the chickens were secured in their pens. The news kept repeating how dangerous the storm was and a death toll was already being tracked. All we could do was sit and wait.

We were lucky... In the end all we saw on the farm was impressive wind gusts that rivaled some of the frequent hurricanes we see blow through here, and a minimal amount of rain. A thunderstorm was off in the distance somewhere, and our lights fluttered a few times, but that was all.

People around us were not so lucky. While I'll spend an hour or two picking up broken branches today, others are picking up what's left of their homes and lives. The current death toll in NC alone is 24 this morning and possibly still climbing. I feel guilty to have plans of enjoying a sunny day by working on outside projects that are pretty insignificant and trivial in comparison.

Just a reminder that you never know what's around the corner. I'm so very thankful to have the life we have and I try to keep in mind that nothing in it is guaranteed.

1 comment:

  1. Glad your farm is okay and that all humans, fauna and flora are well. Our little farm didn't see much more than some wind - amazingly, Saxapahaw was unscathed. Having grown up in Tornado Alley (the Midwest), this was not anything new to me. Scary stuff! Once we knew we were in the clear, my daughter and I headed out to a party and enjoyed the very calm weather we had the rest of the night.


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