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Monday, April 4, 2011

Saying goodbye

We knew the day would come when we would have to find a new home for our rooster Patty. He was an accidental boy mixed in a batch of what was supposed to be all pullets that we bought 13 months ago. We knew Patty was a boy within a few weeks, but decided we'd keep him around until it was time to move the breeding rooster we wanted (a Marans) into the flock.

Even though we bought chickens for eggs, they quickly became well-loved pets, which is why it was tough to officially put Patty up for grabs. Our Marans rooster is here for breeding, which wasn't going to happen as long as Patty was in the picture, and separating everyone into individual pens to keep the long term peace just didn't seem right.

While we didn't expect him to sell as fast as he did (we just listed him yesterday!), we couldn't be happier with his new home. And we made some new friends along with the transaction, which was well worth it if nothing else.

So that's the update in chicken world around here. It's a lot quieter now that Patty is gone, but Jacques will be filling his shoes in no time.

[PS. to the Copeland family if you're reading this... Patty's favorite snack is dry oatmeal.... ;-)]


  1. What a handsome guy! We just like to have one roo around, too (an Easter Egger). I'm glad you found a good home for him.

  2. He is a beautiful bird!!! I am so happy he found another great home. I hope he loves his new girls as much as he did your girls.


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