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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Potato box experiment

Today we decided our potato plants were tall enough to put the next set of sides on the planter box that The Boy built and cover them (up to an inch from their tops) with more soil, old hay and mulch. We'll keep doing this throughout the season until its time to harvest them... At which time I'm hoping our yields will be better than last year. In all fairness, we had a tough battle with potato bugs last year no matter what we did. I'm curious to see if this plant burying method helps deter the little suckers since not much of the leaves are above ground for them to destroy.


  1. Good luck with the potato bug battle! I hate those buggers! I only grew potatoes one year because I didn't want to deal with those buggers. I am contemplating planting them again this year or not. A little late, I know, but it has been far too wet to plant them. Best wishes in your potato endeavor!

    ~ Courtney

  2. Best of luck with the potato bugs! Last year they bothered us some, but not until it was pretty hot outside, maybe late June or early July? My husband would go outside two or three times a day (starting around noon, when the sun was really starting to scorch) and gently knock those suckers off of our plants. They were too affected by the heat to climb back on. After a few days it either killed them off or they went to bother someone else's potatoes! We learned this trick from one of our neighbors who has saved many, many potato crops this way.

  3. Thanks Courtney & WCV! So far so good. I've been picking off the random potato bug here and there but like you said WCV, we'll see how my theory goes once the summer heat rolls in!

  4. Have you had them bother any of your other vegetable plants? It seems like I had read that they would bother some other vegetable varieties (not all). They hadn't bothered any of my other types of veggie plants. WCV that is a good tip! I would squish them, but squishing them isn't my most favorite thing to do. Knocking them off is easy enough! Want Less -- I can't wait to see how it turns out for you!

  5. Might try some food grade DE (Diatomaceous Earth) . Is natural. Can put on plants and/or around planting area. Works great!


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