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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Not easy being green

Although I love this time of year when everything wakes up and restores its color, I was reminded yesterday that it also means I'll be back to spending lots of quality time on the mower from now until late fall. The Boy invested in some nice noise-shielding ear protectors that I can fit my mp3 ear phones under so I'll just view my mower-hours as time to catch up on podcasts and audiobooks.

There has been no change -- good or bad -- in our injured hen. She is still eating, drinking and even laying daily but not able to put any weight on her limp leg. Today makes one week since I found her mysteriously hurt. Her spirits are still good, and she doesn't seem to mind being confined to the dog crate, so we're just letting her be until something changes.

The rest of this year's blueberry bushes were planted yesterday, which brings us up to six (four varieties) running along one of our pasture fences just outside of the gardens. We'd like to continue the "hedge" effect along the rest of that fence eventually. If we do it with blueberries, I calculated that it would take 13 more plants over the years to extend all the way down. The boy mentioned possibly doing some other kind of plant that would look similar (that we'd also benefit from with fruit or something), but I don't know yet what our options would be that would continue a similar effect. What are some other good fruit-baring bushy plants?

The gardens are growing in nicely. Lettuce is greeting everyone who pulls down our driveway (I used lots of colorful varieties this year so its actually pretty... and edible!), and our corn is shooting up quickly. Today I think I will finally transplant the tomatoes into the garden that I started in February. I'm hesitant to do the same with the pepper plants because even though I started them at the same time, they are still small. A couple of the varieties I tried this year have been a pain to start from seed -- such as the fish peppers, which I did three rounds of because they kept getting a few inches high and dying off. The purple and bull peppers are looking good though, and they've been treated the same, so I'm thinking the fish peppers must be incredibly delicate because I've never had this much problem starting peppers from seed before.

For now, off to enjoy a beautiful Sunday. We clipped half of the donkey yesterday (they shed out so late that we're just going ahead and shaving him so he doesn't overheat) so we'll finish that today. And yes, that means that our weekend has been flooded with "shave my ass" jokes because we're immature like that...

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