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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hen in recovery

One of our hens got injured Sunday and its a mystery as to what happened. At 4pm she was fine, at 5:30 she couldn't walk. I was in the backyard working in the gardens the whole time and never herd any commotion so I was surprised when I found her laying on her side.

One of her legs is completely limp but we can't find an obvious break. She doesn't mind us messing with it, and she holds it up when she hops around - using her wings to balance. Its the same temperature as her other leg and foot. The Boy did a lot of reading and we are wondering if it is sprained... We are currently giving her the benefit of the doubt and hoping for the best. The recommendations for a sprain include isolating them from the flock and limiting their movement to allow it to heal so we have her living in a dog crate for the time being. She's acting fine otherwise, eating and drinking great (we've added vitamins and electrolytes to her water) and she's even still laying an egg daily. As long as she seems happy and comfortable, we'll keep trying to ride it out. She's been a wonderful patient so far.

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