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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Waiting on the weather

We're going on day five of cold, dreary, wet weather -- quite the contrast from the 80 degree sunny blue skies we were enjoying just before this storm parked on top of us last weekend. I kick the horses out of the barn when I can, and I've got three week old chicks in the living room brooder who could really use some play time outside right about now. Hopefully we'll get a dry day or two this weekend so everyone can stretch their legs. Until then there are plenty of indoor projects to tackle.

We'll be concentrating on the gardens in the next couple of weeks, weather permitting. Our last frost date is March 21, but we unexpectedly got a frosty night two days ago. There is a great site that will give you first and last frost date info based on your zip code, along with details of your frost chances for the days preceding or following. You can find it here.


  1. Want Less -- So glad I found you again! I couldn't, for the life of me, remember your web address. I know, it's not a hard address, but I didn't remember it only ended in .net. I saw a post of yours on BYC and thought, yay! I found your blog from there. Anywho, glad to have found it again.
    We have had awful weather here. Another little snow storm today. We planted some fruit trees over the weekend, though. Hoping to get the onions in this week.
    Take care and happy spring!
    P.S. That little donkey is just sooo cute!

    ~ Courtney from The Clute Homestead Blog or ChikeeMomma over at BYC

  2. Courtney -- So glad to hear from you! Thanks for tracking us down again ;-)

    I keep hearing of people with snow these days and I cant even imagine! Wish I could send you some warmer weather.


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