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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Farm Notes: Loads of fun

So "way back when" at some point in time there was a chimney in our kitchen. Probably for a woodstove of some sort. Over the years, the bottom half of the chimney was removed, and the portion that would have stuck up above the roof was removed. But the portion in the middle in the "attic" area? It was left behind. Just sitting on our ceiling. Right above where our sink is now. The Boy thought it might be a good idea to remove it before it comes crashing down on us while we're washing dishes one day. Good idea, I say. So now he's removing it, brick by brick, bucket load by bucket load. It's old enough that the mortar between the bricks just crumbles. Who knows how many years it's been there. We do know that at some point many years ago, a tree fell through the kitchen and the back wall and roof was rebuilt. Maybe that was when they decided to partially remove the chimney? No telling why they left enough resting in the ceiling to kill an elephant.

In other news...

  • I came home from work Friday night to find that The Boy had taken the day off without telling me, and as a result, my new kitchen was in progress! I have lived without counters for six years and now, as an early birthday present, they were being constructed right before my eyes. I can't wait for it to be complete, which for the most part, should be by this evening. I'll be painting the floor at some point too since we'd decided that refinishing the floor in that room wasn't quite worth it.
  • We had a little scare earlier in the week when I found drops of blood in the chicken coop. We finally made the assumption that one of the chickens had probably nicked his or her comb somehow -- whatever had happened, everyone seems just fine. That lead to me wondering what we would have done had someone gotten seriously hurt. More specifically, how would we safely hold and calm down a huge Rhode Island Red rooster should we need to give him a good once over. I bugged the good people over on the Backyard Chickens forum and learned how to safely hold a chicken or rooster and calm them down within a matter of minutes. Like always, they always come through when you have chicken questions!
  • My rice milk recipe is still being tweaked. After thawing my first frozen batch and using it, I've decided I'm no as thrilled with it as I was when it was fresh. It seems to make it separate more, which I more or less solved by putting it back through the blender for a while. I'm wondering if freezing the recipe before you put it through the blender the first time will help this issue... and then just diluting and blending it by the batch? I'm going to give this idea a try as soon as we finish this round. Regardless, it doesn't effect the taste. I'll post the recipe this week as soon as I update it with this info. It's a work in progress, like most other things around here.
  • For my birthday this upcoming week, I am treating myself to a six week course in knitting and crocheting, taught downtown at a family owned yarn store. I can't wait! I've tried to teach myself before in the past but to no avail. Youtube videos and online tutorials are great, but I think having someone to help me in person is going to be more productive. 
It's sunny and in the upper 50s today... a nice welcomed break from the colder-than-normal temps that Eastern NC has been dealing with this month. I'll enjoy it while working in the barn and assessing my not so successful winter garden. I'm plotting out my spring veggie plant selection now, and need to get my order in soon. Are any of you planning spring gardens this year? If so, what are you planting?

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