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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Falling behind

Fall has definitely arrived in Eastern NC, although its not much in comparison to other places around the country... our "chilly" days are in the low 60s, and we haven't seen much in the way of frost yet. Our pepper plants from the summer are still going strong and having to compete now with our fall veggie plants until things get a little colder. For now, I have no complaints over extra peppers from the garden!

Things finally calmed down at work for me enough that The Boy and I were actually able to go on a little vacation last week. It took a whole team of friends that we are very fortunate to have to help take care of the "farm" while we were away. Without them, we couldn't have escaped! All told, between five different people, we had someone coming by here either feeding or checking up on everyone every few hours throughout each day for a week. We're so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Now that we are back and settled and somewhat caught up from being away, it's time to turn our heads (already!!) toward the upcoming holidays. I somehow got both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day off. Not sure how I managed that working in the ER but that is how the schedule fell. Total luck of the draw, and I can not complain.

I'm plotting out veggie-friendly holiday foods and homemade Christmas gifts... a yummy spinach lasagna may make an appearance on our Thanksgiving table and I can't wait! I've been working on canned goods (such as Hot Pepper Jelly, Berry Infused Vodka and other homemade goodies that we'll be giving as gifts, and concentrating once again on a "less stuff" Christmas. My goal this year is to steer away from giving gifts from retail stores and instead give handmade/homemade items, or gifts that are not "things" (such as event tickets and such). We're also asking our families to do the same for us.

I admit it takes a little more planning, but I think the gifts are more thoughtful and personal as a result. Not to mention that you're not buying into the cycle of commercialized Christmas, ya know?

So what are you guys doing for the holidays? Any great recipes you're chomping at the bit to get started on? Gift ideas you can share?

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