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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recycled & Reloved

I just finished this wreath this morning... the intentions were to sell it, but I have fallen in love with it. I can't be the only person who this happens to! Oh well, I guess I'll be making another one this afternoon (haha). 

This wreath is made from recycle materials including fabrics (scraps and repurposed clothing), and found objects from around our farm (twine, fencing, bells, wood & glass beads, copper, etc). I love that you see something different every time you stop and look at it. It's meant to be touched and explored, and the more tattered the materials get, the better it looks in my opinion.

It measures roughly 22 inches across.  It can be found on our Etsy shop. 

I have it listed for sale on our Etsy shop. Until it's sold, I will be enjoying it myself & making another one to keep :-)


  1. Perhaps it's the smashing red door it's on! Funny how stuff can be junk and then with an artist's touch be transformed into something beautiful...and for sale :P

  2. That is absolutely so cool, love it. My front door is that color. Awesome!

  3. Thanks, both of you! I've finally started on the new one and I may even like it even better. Crap. Next thing ya know, I'm gonna have a house full of these things...

  4. Haha! Then you'll have a t.v. camera at your door for the next episode of Hoarders: crafting gone wrong.

  5. I love the wreath, but the only red door I have is on the chicken coop. Hummm...Something is wrong when I would rather decorate the coop then my own home.


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