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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Long, hot days

It's been a while since our last update. Instead of trying to stumble my way through all the latest happenings, I figured it may be easier (and less strain on your eyes) to just to this bullet point style...
  • The Girl & The Boy: We celebrated our eighth anniversary last weekend even though I spent it working at a horse show over an hour away both days. As a compromise, we had a nice dinner out Friday night before I left and I've promised The Boy a surprise Mystery Date Weekend which I am trying to arrange in August. (I'd clue you guys in on what I'm planning but, well, I can't). While I was out of town working, The Boy had a few tricks up his sleeve as well. I came home Sunday night to find that he had opened up the wall between our existing kitchen and a storage area which means we will have a bigger and hopefully more functional kitchen! It's not far from being done. One of the coolest things was that in removing some old wall paneling, The Boy uncovered an old window opening that had been closed over who knows how many years ago. The "window" explains the weird wall cracks we have in our dining room, so now we are going to continue opening up the window all the way so that we will have a neat pass through to our dining area. I'm excited!

  • The Farm: I don't even want to talk about it, but we lost all of our yellow squash and beloved zucchini plants to squash vine borers. By the time I found them, the plants were infested and beyond saving even though I tried on a couple of them. Since we have a long growing season here, I am going to try replanting them in August in our lettuce bed (everything I read heavily advises to rotate out of a bed if you have a vine borer infestation, and to continually till up the soil to expose the cocoons of the beetles.) Luckily we were able to get a dozen or so squash off the plants before they kicked the bucket. Other than that, our cucumbers, beans, white acorn squash, melons, potatoes, peppers and onions are looking great. Our jellybean tomato plant is taking over the world but our brandywine tomato plant is only looking so-so. Not sure why. Maybe it's the heat? Our heat index has been hitting over 100* a lot lately.

  • The critters: The chickens are growing equally as fast as my frustration in not being able to find organic chicken feed options without having to pay shipping costs that are higher than the price of the feed to begin with. I've even looked heavily into mixing my own organic whole grain ration but hit several walls there as well... I can only get my hands on a few of the grains I need, and even some of those have to be special ordered and are pricey because of it. I'm going to contact the local cooperative extension office tomorrow and see if they know of anyone in the area who feeds organic chicken feed. My frustration hit its peak when I found out that one of the country's largest certified organic chicken feed mills is located 2 hours away from us... they supply feed for Nature's Harmony, Egglands Best, and several other organic egg companies. I thought for sure I had hit the jackpot until they informed me that they ONLY sell their feed in 25 ton truck loads. No exceptions. 

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